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We’re glad that we still keep this blog updated from time to time. We like to share with you another important tips for every smartphone owner should know. There might be more to add here but we chose to mention the important ones. 

Back Up Your Photos

Phone storage is usually consumed by multimedia files like photos and videos, and application data without noticing it until we are prompted that our storage is full. We often hear this dilemma from people who purchased smaller phone storage size models. There are available options to back up your data. One is manual transfer from your phone to local disk (portable hard disk). This is the cheapest and secured way as you can back up using your personal computer and pull out those pictures and videos from your phone. The most popular is to purchase cloud data storage and enable its automatic backup features. You’ll never lose any memories when your phone got stolen.

Get Your Music from the Cloud

While you have options to purchase cloud storage for your data to back up your photos, videos and music, why not purchase a subscription for your music and listen while using the app. It will stream music for you while connected to the internet. But how about when you are offline? All these services allows you to download songs, albums or playlist for offline listening. But because you’re using a smartphone, and most smartphones now have 4G LTE data connections, the odds are increasingly slim that you won’t be able to get to your music. There are a lot of online music streaming apps (with monthly subscription) to choose from and just make sure your favourite band album is available.

Check Out Alternative Browsers and Email Apps

Every smartphone have default apps from browsers to mail client. Why not give a try on free mail apps offered in your app store. Most of them are very easy to use in terms of viewing message and offers a lot more features than your default mail app such as attaching files from different location (say your cloud drive like Dropbox or iCloud).

For browsers, our favourites like Chrome and Firefox offers mobile version. There are others like Dolphin Browser that gives you a desktop-style tab view and includes frilly features such as gesture controls and add-ons.

So don’t stick to pre-installed apps on your phone. Explore more apps from your app store and be sure its free, and of course secured.

Use Some Logic to Sort Your Home Screens

Has your home screen turned into a chaotic mass of unorganised apps and folders? Organise them per categories. It will help you locate your apps according to its use. Great example here is your social network apps. You can stack all in one place and you’ll be easy to locate them without wasting your time swiping your phone and looking for that tiny piece of app icon.

Use Your Phone as Wireless Hotspot

This is applicable if you have enough data bandwidth to share. You can enable this somewhere at your phone settings > connections and its ready to be shared for another mobile device, tablet or laptop. Very helpful for sharing!

Get To Know Your Shortcuts

Knowing how to use your phone through shortcuts would help you fasten ways to do things. There are swipes, pinches, double and long presses for your particular phone model. For iPhone, you can swipe up the bottom edge to bring up quick settings and double tapping home button to bring up recent app list which can help you save time checking two apps at the same time or close recently opened apps.

We do hope that these information have helped you. We would like to invite you to visit our shop. We offer wide range of design for your mobile phone and other accessories. Until our next blog post. Thanks for your time!

We wish you a lovely day from RCJR Supply Team.

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