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Hello and welcome back to our blog! We going to start showcasing our products for you to get a closer look on each items. We will discuss all about its purpose and highlight the bits and pieces of its feature.

Today is for our Samsung S8 series Armor Case. We call this multifunctional case as it offers a lot of features and not just protecting your phone from scratches, dirt and dust particles, it is sturdy built - for strong protection. High quality design and provides comfortable grip. Its one of the newest innovation in phone casing these days. You can choose from a variety of colours to match with your everyday outfit. Whether you’re a professional, having an active lifestyle or always on the go, this case is truly perfect for you.

Outside is made of hard plastic that guarantees protection for your precious Samsung Galaxy S8. If your phone accidentally fell on the ground, this phone case assures shock resistant and its hard shell wont break that easily!

How it is shock resistant? Inside the hard shell is soft silicone. It has inner air space with anti-skid pattern. Allows ventilation and to avoid moisture.

Card can be inserted in a slot located at the back of the case. Just slide the card into the card slot door. The neatness of its card slot design will help you insert your cards easily.

It can fit standard cards from ATM card, hotel key card, subway or transportation card and ID card. It comes with 2 card holders! So there’s no need to bring your heavy wallet with you!

Available in different colours to match your personality. 

You need this case if you are: Often using cards. You want a multifunctional phone case or looking for a heavy duty phone case that will protect your phone while enjoying its additional features.

Don’t hesitate to check our shop when you are ready to purchase this one of a kind phone case.

Thanks and wishing you a lovely day from RCJR Supply.

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