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Welcome to our first blog! I am excited to create this very first blogpost. We'll make sure to you deliver informative blogpost and articles. So allow us to share this first essential guide. 

As a shop offering phone cases, I would like to share with you this guide on buying phone cases.

Whether you have purchased a new phone and looking for protection or replacing your old boring case, this post is designed to assist you on how to get the best phone case suitable for you.

Other conditions of buying new phone case is to protect your phone from daily hazards. We know you have spent a huge amount of money to get that precious gadget so why not to spend just a little more in order to ensure it doesn’t get scratched or broken?

I will make it short and simple so you’ll have plenty of time to think about it.


There are waterproof cases available, book-style, leather made, shockproof, selfie ready and a lot more. Phone case these days are getting more innovative so you'll hear new features that aligns a person's daily activity. So it's best to ask yourself what features you like for a protective case. 


There are expensive type of mobile case in the market that offers life-proof protection. Such feature comes with a price. However, its good to compare first with non-branded phone case as it is cheaper compared with branded ones. Sometimes we'll find out that both have the same features and qualities. There are impressions from others about branded phone cases being expensive as we are paying for the brand name and its reputation in the market. 

So when you are ready to purchase your new or next phone case, please add us to your consideration. We are selling affordable phone case for Samsung and iPhone. If your phone model is not listed to our shop, please do let us know by sending us an email: We care for the quality of every phone case and phone accessories we sell. We make sure it will suit your satisfaction and personality. We have a variety of phone cases design for your device so feel free to browse our shop

This is RCJR Supply team wishing you a lovely day!

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